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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sohee models for '1st Look'

Article: "Provocative transformation into a femme fatale"... Ahn Sohee exudes the aura of an actress

Source: Dispatch via Nave

1. [+2,292, -172] Sohee's not the traditional pretty face but she has a charm that sucks you in

2. [+1,446, -143] I feel like her acting skills would be better than her singing

3. [+1,382, -116] I like that she has an odd look to her

4. [+1,088, -134] So pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ and her acting was good too the last time I saw her ㅋㅋㅋ fighting!

5. [+803, -321] If you consider her career and her future, Sohee switching paths to acting was probably positive for her. Wonder Girls' recent comeback didn't even win #1 once on a music show and failed to live up to expectations. It's probably better for her to switch to acting.

6. [+186, -41] She has a unique face and that alone makes her competitive enough in the acting market

7. [+146, -23] I've liked her ever since I was little... the fact that she's not your traditional face but has a lot of charms and great body proportions, she's just the best

8. [+114, -21] I think she's an example of really differentiating between a pretty face and a charming one. She's not your "oh she's pretty" face but a charming one.


TV: 'Yongpal' crashes 9 episodes in

Article: 'Yongpal' has been doing well, what's happened in just the 9th episode in?

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+13,948, -195] That 'Jikbbang' PPL ㅋ

2. [+10,930, -267] It was honestly boring. Couldn't focus and the plot was moving at an awkward pace. Just feels like everything was forcefully put together.

3. [+8,626, -193] I was fiddling on my phone the entire time watching...

4. [+5,948, -367] That's why I switched to watching 'Scholar Who Walks the Night'

5. [+4,462, -420] The plot's gone

6. [+2,289, -22] Kim Tae Hee woke up but the scriptwriter fell asleep

7. [+2,114, -35] 'Yongpal' was fun at the beginning when the scriptwriter was plagiarizing it but after she started writing it, it's become boring. Please buy the rights to the comic right now.

8. [+2,060, -28] The script is so cringe... I laughed out loud at the "angel sent down from god" line


Article: The only thing 'Yongpal' is selling ('pal') is PPL

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+1,043, -12] The PPL for the soup franchise was well placed but 'Jikbang' was too obvious ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+791, -7] When he said he was going to look for a house, I was like no way would he open that app but he actually did...

3. [+724, -8] PPL itself isn't the issue, it's up to the scriptwriter to put it in as naturally as possible for the viewers but this is too obvious...

4. [+46, -1] I was horrified at the 'Jikbang' PPL... couldn't focus on the drama. As if the plot being lost in the mountains wasn't bad enough, now there's obvious PPL... I really enjoyed this drama too but this is it for me.

5. [+35, -7] Obviously trying to cover for Kim Tae Hee's 40k won an episode by throwing in PPL everywhere. Just cut her pay, she doesn't even deserve that much?


Article: 'Yongpal' is bombed, the only way to save it is speed

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,193, -43] The best scene yesterday was the 'Jikbbang' ad ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How do they expect viewers to focus on the kiss scene after that?? The beginning of the drama when it was plagiarized was so fun but ever since the scriptwriter's been writing it, it's become worse than some third rate internet novel

2. [+1,550, -41] Not sure how they can speed up a plot that's working off of a plagiarized work

3. [+1,344, -26] Just take out the ridiculous PPL. The drama's boring and frustrating enough already, I don't want to watch ads on top of that.

4. [+1,167, -33] I had such high expectations for this... now I don't know if I want to keep watching...

5. [+279, -9] This is the most I can take today. I'm not going to waste my time on this anymore... bye.


Rain's contract with Cube about to expire

Article: [Exclusive] 'Hallyu star' Rain's contract impending expiration... will he enter the FA market

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+1,586, -129] He's dropped from a world star to a Hallyu star

2. [+1,033, -111] Dropped from world star to Hallyu star ㅋ

3. [+1,070, -183] I bet Han Sung Ho will be approaching him. Whever he ends up going, I wish he'll go back to JYP or even YG

4. [+768, -81] I wonder if FNC has contacted him already

5. [+720, -83] He was eating with Yang Hyun Suk at his Hongdae restaurant, maybe he'll go to YG

6. [+238, -24] I don't think he'll stay with Cube ㅋㅋ Cube sucks at working ㅋㅋ

7. [+186, -17] He matched JYP the best although I'm sure he'll survive anywhere he goes

8. [+168, -31] Should go back to JYP~~


Article: Cube reps, "Rain is discussing his contract with Hong Seung Sung"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+147, -19] Would be better for him not to renew with Cube

2. [+90, -8] I'm against him renewing

3. [+14, -7] Not like he has an image left in Korea


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sungjae to MC for 'Inkigayo'

Article: [Exclusive] Yook Sungjae joins as 'Inkigayo' MC... to take the place of Hong Jong Hyun

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,110, -66] He's doing so well lately

2. [+979, -56] Wow... it'll be so noisy with Jackson and Yook Sungjae together ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+252, -22] Seeing him often lately...

4. [+258, -35] He's on the rise.. ㅋㅋ Hopefully the rest of the members can do the same

5. [+54, -6] He should leave WGM, it's such a minus to his career


Source: Nate

1. [+198, -8] 'Who Are You' really changed his life around

2. [+165, -10] The three were a good combo when he was a special MC. But if he's doing 'Inkigayo' MC, he should leave WGM.

3. [+160, -31] I wonder if women care more about height than anything else? I prefer Yook Sungjae to Hong Jong Hyun. After seeing him on 'Who Are You' and everything, he gives the impression that he grew up with an outgoing personality and has such a comforting feeling to him... meanwhile Hong Jong Hyun.. so boring on WGM with Yura, his acting's so boring, his MCing is so boring..

4. [+28, -1] He should leave WGM~! Too many schedules, he's going to faint..

5. [+23, -2] I trust he'll pull it off well, fighting~~


'Maxim Korea' criticized for shocking cover + photo spread

Article: Maxim Korea criticized for "historically the worst" cover page

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+302, -4] I thought the cover page was shocking already but the pictures inside the magazine are even worse ㅡㅡ

2. [+227, -5] This is embarrassing...

3. [+182, -5] Are the people shielding this saying it's from a movie in their right minds? You seriously think this is normal? So many barbaric people

4. [+26, -0] People are becoming perverted in that they're looking for more stimulation in the bizarrest ways... this definitely crossed the line

5. [+21, -0] This is a depiction of a crime no matter how much you look at it, not of a 'bad guy' ㅋㅋㅋ so bad guys are all criminals now? I just hope the actor isn't affected by this

6. [+19, -0] What exactly is the cover trying to convey? Why would they convey masculinity in such a way?? What an embarrassment to our country

7. [+18, -0] I had a feeling this would be controversial overseas. It's crazy how some Koreans chalk this up to 'culture'. People saying it's just a movie depiction can't be in their right minds. Why would anyone defend this, or why would anyone even use this as a magazine cover? The world is truly insane

8. [+16, -0] Who even came up with this idea? What an embarrassment

9. [+15, -0] The pictures inside are even worse. Considering how many sexual crimes have been happening in this country, now we're even being embarrassed on an international level.

10. [+14, -0] I was already pissed off by it but now even foreigners know about it ㅡㅡ ugh