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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Is there a method to the madness behind YG's plans for Winner and IKON's international advancements?

Article: "Winner's Japanese debut and IKON's Chinese advancement"... there's a reason to YG's greed

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+3,518, -55] Please... just promote them properly in Korea...

2. [+2,976, -311] Winner may be considered a group thoroughly prepared for this but there are still many people in Korea who don't know about them, isn't all of this still too early?

3. [+2,361, -114] Korean fans to Yang Hyun Suk have been nothing more than fools that he can empty pockets out of whenever his artists are tired from promoting overseas and have time to make a stop back to Korea. Anyone who still thinks YG's a family is just prey to their tricks. Forget your roots and you can never stretch out far... It's because there are still fans who treat their artists like gods just for showing their faces once every few years and shovel em all their money that YG thinks they can get away with this..

4. [+1,872, -33] Should really gain more public recognition in Korea before leaving..

5. [+1,746, -51] I knew YG was putting out articles every day just to test the reactions ㅎㅎ Fans totally fell for it. When they first said IKON would promote in Korea for a year, Winner fans got up in arms so then they said IKON's going straight to China, putting both IKON and Winner fans up in arms... and now they change their mind again saying IKON will promote in Korea before advancing to China. YG, should've said that from the start. Yesterday you said IKON was going to debut in China straight off the bat? What a joke...

6. [+329, -5] I look at Big Bang and Winner sometimes and it feels like they're foreign artists who sometimes visit Korea

7. [+325, -13] Crazy ㅋㅋㅋ They never cared about Winner fans and sent them straight to Japan after their debut but they cater to the whims of IKON fans by promising a year of Korean promotions???? Do they take Winner fans for fools?

8. [+276, -5] Give Winner some proper Korean promotions. They're not Chinese or Japanese singers. It already pisses me off that Winner's first tour is in Japan.


Dasom lists the physical features of SISTAR she's jealous of

Article: 'Ent Relay' Dasom "I'm jealous of Soyu's hips, Bora's legs, and Hyorin's chest"

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+6,168, -379] And they're all jealous of your face..

2. [+3,571, -112] The most important thing's been left out. What about their faces?

3. [+2,860, -528] Dasom, you have nothing to lose. You have something they don't have.....

4. [+1,524, -76] I agree~

5. [+417, -32] You have white skin. Please don't get a sun tan, it won't suit you.

6. [+376, -14] Dasom has skin and face going for her ㅋ but she is right ㅋㅋ

7. [+365, -14] She's probably thinking to herself "but I have the prettier face..ㅎㅎ"

8. [+380, -52] I never thought Dasom as pretty but realized it when she was MCing with Goo Hara and they were both on the screen... She's really pretty and has amazing proportions ㅋㅋㅋ Definitely the prettiest in SISTAR

9. [+328, -22] Dasom has a pretty face, tall height, and white skin...


IU the 'Icon of Savior'

Article: 'The Icon of Savior' Catch IU

Source: Newsis via Naver

Article talks about how IU has surpassed the title of 'icon of duet' and is now the icon of savior with her ability to 'save' or shoot to fame anyone she works with, the most recent example being Seo Taiji and 'Sogyeokdong'. Everyone she's worked with this year including High 4 and Yoon Hyun Sang have been met with remarkable success thanks to her effect.

1. [+4,828, -278] IU's the perfect example of why an idol needs to be a good singer. Fans who only liked her for her face all left after her Eunhyuk scandal and IU was actually able to turn that scandal into an advantage by shedding her little sister image and focusing entirely on her music to get acknowledgement from the public. Her self composed songs like Peach and See You On Friday all became hits and she's now a singer who matches the title artist more than idol. So many veteran musicians look to collaborate with her. Idols who can't sing need to watch IU and reflect over themselves.

2. [+3,236, -187] The article's right, she's an icon of everything...

3. [+2,963, -155] It just means IU's that far ahead when it comes to getting the public's interest

4. [+2,714, -156] IU really seems amazing

5. [+345, -26] I think her success lies in her agency not trying to grab easy money with her. There are a lot of talented idols but their agency only focuses on making quick cash out of them and overworking them in the end which exhausts their image to consumers. They never have any time to slowly build up on their talents. Same case for AkMu with YG. They're doing fine because YG isn't using any money gimmicks with them.

6. [+294, -23] Anyone she duets or features for is pretty much a guaranteed chart sweep with #1 on music shows ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's amazing how she meshes well with seniors and juniors and rookies.

7. [+293, -27] There's really nothing you can criticize her on when it comes to her singing

8. [+245, -12] IU's not one of those stars who shine briefly before disappearing. She's a real singer who I hope lets us listen to her music for a long time to come.


Seungyeon cast in an MBC one-act

Article: [Exclusive] KARA Seungyeon cast in MBC one-act "Guitar and Hot Pants"

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+243, -31] f f o w e r c S

2. [+217, -15] She needs to either practice her singing or her acting more. Pick one or the other, not both. Stop blindly chasing after money and spending it all on buying buildings...

3. [+226, -24] Whenever I see Seungyeon, I'm always reminded of that video where she pushes Nicole on stage and glares at her

4. [+188, -26] She has to be the only idol who continues to land roles like this without any improvement in acting

5. [+181, -21] She's the female L... They've both been getting countless drama castings when all they get is hate for their crappy acting each time. Fans are so shameless claiming that they're still working on improving. Since when did dramas become training centers?

6. [+131, -13] She's crazy...

7. [+161, -84] Seungyeon-ah, I'm a fan but I don't want you to act... I feel bad for you...

8. [+72, -13] Who keeps giving her these roles when she's so bad?


A Pink meets with fans for Japanese advancement

Article: 'Japanese advancement' A Pink targets the hearts of Japanese fans in sailor uniforms '20,000 gathered'

Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+135, -31] A style Japanese otakus would like

2. [+118, -57] They really want that cesium money, huh

3. [+126, -72] Their concept is supposed to be about innocence but they talk about men and dating which defeats the purpose. And putting them in sailor uniforms just serves as material for otakus to imagine them undressing...

4. [+24, -24] Why are people viewing this negatively ㅠㅠ I hope A Pink shows a bright image in Japan too and does well!

5. [+21, -21] Eunji's a great singer and Naeun alone could probably captivate all of the Japanese... Just support them, why view this so negatively ^^;;;;

6. [+17, -14] The uniforms look so cheaply made

7. [+14, -18] A Pink would definitely work over there. Japanese love cute things so I hope they do well.

8. [+11, -14] I think A Pink can be successful in Japan